Is it Time to Intervene?

December 19, 2014

Early diagnosis is key to crisis prevention and treatment planning. Knowing when to seek medical help or place a loved one in a senior living facility is one of the most difficult decisions an individual can make. For individuals without a serious medical condition, sometimes it is hard to tell when help is needed. What’s the difference between simple forgetfulness and a serious memory loss? Here are some warning signs of aging and memory loss that might signal the need for assistance care. They were compiled from a variety of sources:

 Yes  No
     Does he repeat questions more frequently?
     Does she exhibit poor grooming and personal hygiene?
     Does he forget to take medications or take them incorrectly?
     Has there been a change in eating habits or loss of appetite?
     Is outdated food in the refrigerator or little nutritious food?
     Has driving been impaired? Frequent accidents?
     Is he increasingly forgetful?
     Is she moody or depressed?
     Has there been a loss of interest in socializing?
     Is he less interested in former activities?
     Is she unsteady on her feet or does she fall frequently?
     Does he have difficulty concentrating?
     Does she exhibit poor judgment?
     Is he incontinent?
     Is there trouble handling finances? Are there unpaid bills?
     Does he spend long periods of time doing nothing?
     Have others noticed personality changes?
     Is there unopened mail lying around?
     Is there poor housekeeping or unsafe conditions?
     Does he have trouble making decisions?
     Does she get lost?
     Does he have trouble finding the right words?
     Does she wear the same clothes over and over again?

(Worksheet can be printed either before or after checking boxes.)

If you’ve answered “yes” to a majority of these questions, see your physician for an evaluation and then call us about an opportunity to visit Emerald Crest Memory Care Services. Contact us at 952-908-2215 or by emailing Admissions.

“Emerald Crest has helped Mom by keeping her safe, allowing her individuality but encouraging participation in activities, enhancing her physical activity and giving her sufficient privacy in respect for her preference and dignity.”  - Dorothy Ellerbroek

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I can’t say enough about the staff that took care of my father. They were all so loving and really did care for him.

— Bev, daughter of Emerald Crest resident