Intelligent Memory Care


The Emerald Crest Model

The Emerald Crest model of senior care is rooted in the belief that individuals with cognitive issues are unique and can flourish in an environment that provides them with the best opportunities for positive relationships, participation in daily care and meaningful activities that promote success and self-worth.

Memory Care at Emerald Crest by Augustana Care is thoughtfully designed to encompass four crucial elements:



Our unique environments are designed with calming colors and decors. Each home consists of twelve to fifteen suites arranged around a warm, friendly, central living and kitchen area. This natural, home-like setting encourages engagement and reduces isolation among residents.



The Emerald Crest model is designed so that it can be tailored to the changing needs of each resident. Senior care at Emerald Crest is guided by our nurses and occupational therapists to develop individualized daily programs that flow with our residents’ natural rhythms. We also strive to support residents and families with spiritual care that speaks to who they are. Read more about spiritual care at Emerald Crest at this link.



For more than a decade, we’ve been a leader in building thoughtfully designed memory care facilities. Based on proven research, compassion and common sense, Emerald Crest continues to be a trusted leader in the memory care field, offering families a refreshing new option to nursing homes or conventional assisted living settings.



Moving a loved one to a new setting with supportive care is never an easy decision. We realize it’s a process that affects your entire family, so we make sure everyone involved is very well-informed and comfortable. That includes the peace of mind that comes from knowing loved ones receive around-the-clock care designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia-related needs. You can expect the assurance of dependable care and the benefit of over a decade of experience.


Spiritual Care

At Emerald Crest, we believe it’s essential to offer worship services that are meaningful to residents in every stage of dementia. Our worship service provides meaningful spiritual elements which trigger recognition and core memory. In addition to leading sensory worship services at all Emerald Crest locations, Pastor Lette Gamble is available to family members and friends in need of comfort, hope, and a listening ear.

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I will never forget the time we returned our mother to Emerald Crest after a day of shopping. My mother wanted to stay out longer but just couldn't. We all felt sad taking her back. When we entered,  immediately two nurse's assistants enveloped my mom in a huge hug. Her face immediately had a smile and off she was to stay and talk to these beautiful assistants. My mother truly feels the wonderful love of these dedicated workers.

— Theresa, daughter of resident