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Spiritual Care at Emerald Crest Centers Around Your Journey

Emerald Crest by Augustana Care is always striving to support residents and families with spiritual care that speaks to who they are. How do we make that happen?

  • We honor and respect each individual’s spiritual journey and offer the support needed to navigate difficult transitions and circumstances
  • We appreciate the diversity of faiths and traditions
  • We provide spiritual care that reduces fear and builds hope
  • We help our staff acquire training to enrich the quality of spiritual care

At Emerald Crest, we believe it’s essential to offer worship services that are meaningful to residents in every stage of dementia. Our worship service provides meaningful spiritual elements which trigger recognition and core memory.

Pastor Arlen Solem, Chaplain at Emerald Crest, works closely with Emerald Crest’s cognitive care specialists. He offers a sensory worship service which connects familiar Scripture readings and Bible stories with sensory engagement. The service uses recognizable hymns, readings and prayers. Sensory items are included in our worship so residents can touch feel, taste and even smell elements of the sermon story. The worship focuses on helping people make life-giving connections between mind, body and spirit, regardless of faith preferences or religion.

Those observing the service can see recognizable changes in participants. They often respond to familiar songs and readings. They nod and comment along with the story. Sensory sermons trigger memories and responses that are sometimes surprisingly creative, heartwarming and unique to every individual.

In addition to leading sensory worship services at all Emerald Crest locations, Pastor Arlen Solem is available to family members and friends in need of comfort, hope, and a listening ear. He can also provide funeral support as her schedule allows. For those who are living through a loss, injury or illness, a skillful listener who asks the right questions can help you sort through thoughts and emotions.


Memory Care at Emerald Crest by Augustana Care includes a thoughtfully-designed spiritual care program:



While the needs of residents may be different and change as they live at Emerald Crest, one constant support remains; our longstanding commitment to the spiritual journeys of those we serve.

Emerald Crest by Augustana Care provides memory care in a unique environment, specifically designed to support those with cognitive issues. Utilizing this exceptional model of care, individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s and related conditions can flourish in positive relationships and participation in meaningful activities. Memory care is offered in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area with communities in four convenient locations: Shakopee, Burnsville, Minnetonka and Victoria, MN.

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Finding a place like Emerald Crest was an answer to my prayers. The staff is patient with my mom and treats her gently and compassionately. 

— Connie, daughter of Emerald Crest resident