Assisted Living or Memory Care?

April 6, 2016

Making an Informed Decision

When caregivers are faced with a loved one who can no longer live independently at home, they can become overwhelmed by one of the hardest decisions they will ever have to make. Since the 90’s the Twin Cities senior housing market has been growing much faster than the rest of the country. We are faced with a wide variety of services and choice for seniors which has is one of the reasons Minnesota was ranked as the “Best State to Retire In” by AARP.

One of the decisions families have to make is deciding between assisted living or memory care for their loved one.   We wrote this article because family members tell us they have questions they just can’t answer for themselves. “What kind of care does Mom need” – “What is the difference between Assisted Living and Memory Care?” -  “Mom doesn’t wander can she be in assisted living?” - “How do we know what’s best for Dad?”

Two of the fastest growing types of housing are Assisted Living and Memory Care, but what are the differences between the two and why would you choose one over the other for your loved one? Click here to take a look at Assisted Living and Memory Care side by side to compare.

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The layout of Emerald Crest is terrific, its like visiting a home (not the hospital hallway, with a small lounge on the end!)  The health care model of Emerald Crest  is “OUTSTANDING”.  The professional staff provide care with love, hugs, and individual attention.  The caregivers were of the same mode.  We were fortunate to choose Emerald Crest for mom!

— Gary, son of Emerald Crest resident