The Emerald Crest Model of care was developed in 1998 by Joe Guertin and Greg Getchell. Each have over 25 years of experience in designing and operating eldercare communities.

Taking all they had learned and the best reliable research, they discovered a simple fact: people with memory challenges fare better in smaller, home-like residences where their dignity, privacy, safety and quality of life can be preserved.

From this, they built their first Emerald Crest home, complimenting the environment with their unique cognitive care program that offered families a refreshing new option as an alternative to nursing home placement or conventional assisted living settings.

In 2010, Emerald Crest was purchased by Augustana Care, a not-for-profit organization that has served older generations and others in need for over 115 years. This allowed even more families the ability to have access to the Emerald Crest model of care.

Since then, the success of this model has been recognized in repeated studies, reviews and by one fact we’re perhaps most proud of: close to 95 percent of respondents said they would recommend Emerald Crest to others.

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I will never forget the time we returned our mother to Emerald Crest after a day of shopping. My mother wanted to stay out longer but just couldn't. We all felt sad taking her back. When we entered,  immediately two nurse's assistants enveloped my mom in a huge hug. Her face immediately had a smile and off she was to stay and talk to these beautiful assistants. My mother truly feels the wonderful love of these dedicated workers.

— Theresa, daughter of resident